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We offer commercial insurance for all types of businesses including workers compensation, specific industry coverage and more. Call 401-726-3210!

There are almost as many types of business insurance policies as there are businesses. It’s a complex field, and Lawrence Agency has the experience and expertise to help you successfully navigate the terrain. Proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, or larger corporations each have their own coverage requirements and our agents will show you customized options from which you can choose. The nature of each business also dictates insurance needs. Does your business produce a good or are you service-based – or both? How many employees do you have on payroll? Are you a seasonal company or full-year? What transportation concerns impact your company? The variables are nearly endless, and the last thing you need is an inexperienced agent or a faceless insurance carrier that doesn’t know you from ten-thousand other policy numbers on a computer screen. At The Lawrence Agency, we know our business clients, understand their concerns, and design coverage options that fully protect their livelihood while not crimping their bottom line. Call 401-726-3210 today for a no-obligation review of your business insurance needs today!

Specific Industry Coverage

Specific Industry Coverage

Industry-specific risks make it impossible for to have one insurance plan for every business. That’s why we’ll personalize yours...

Commercial <br>Coverage


Building a commercial insurance policy can be a complex process, especially for Rhode Island businesses.

Employee Coverage

Employee Coverage

We understand employees are an integral part of your business’ long-term sustainability; therefore, we focus on ensuring your most critical asset...

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